Wednesday, 9 April 2008

DBA II/69 Sassanid Persians

SSSSAAASSS SSSSAAAASSSS SSSAAAAAssssssssaaaaaaannniiiiiiiid Persians....!!!

Oh.. What a cool name! My favourite DBA Army, lots of Cavalry, Knights, Elephants, Horrible Hordes, nice & colourful as well. The match of mighty Rome for many a year, but in end victim to the explosion of Islam & the Arab Conquest Armies.

We've had these fellas for a long time, but recently we changed the banners. Here they are, made by our good selves as there's not a lot of 15mm Banners out there!!!

In our games the Sassanids have always performed well.

II/69 Sassanid Persian 220 - 651AD
1x3Cv(Gen), 1x4Kn or 3Cv, 4x3Cv, 1x2Lh, 1xEl or 3Cv,
1x3Ax or 3Cv, 2x7Hd, 1x2Ps

Sassanids all options, Ancient Temple camp in the background

Close up on the Sassanid King

Sassanid King, based this fella on Shapur II, it's a converted Museum Mini.

Sassanid Jumbo, with OUR lovely banner trailing from the side.

Ahaaa! The fearsome Persian Cataphract & Clibanarii (Knight & Cavalry)

Da Da Da.... Da Da DAAAA...! The fearless.. Persian Hordes!

Sassanid Auxillia & Psiloi


Dalauppror said...

Nice !

Regards dalauppror

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Who are the figures by?

MrF said...

I think the majority of these are Minifigs.

Cheers MrF