Wednesday, 7 October 2009

DBA Burgundians vs Germans

Ze Germans are back, this time having a go at the poor old Burgundians.  So leading on from our last game, fast forward about a 1000 years, the same battlefield with a few different terrain features.  Both sides start with some units on the table, the rest will arrive on the roads.  Jack played ze Germans & I the Burgundians.

The Battlefield an initial setup.

Equal numbers to start with.

On come the reinforcements.

German Pike versus Burgundian Pike...

Hordes of Burgundians

Grrrr...The push of Pike.

Back goes the Burgundian General

It's mayhem! The race to deploy...

Burgundian Blades race to block ze Germans.

'Get out the Way!' The German War Wagon and Artillery prove to be a hinderance

The German General is under fire.

The German Knights can't get in the fight, blocked by the Crossbows.

Burgundian Knights prepare to charge.

Pike & Spear versus Pike...

Now it's the German Knights being pinned against the river.

Down go two elements, 1 ALL.

Finally, after many rounds, movement & PiPs the German Knights get into the fight.

More German Knights get across the river.

Now a main battle line starts to take shape.

Nice overview at this stage, loadsa of fighting, still 1 ALL.

An sneaky advantage to the Burgundians 3 onto 1...

At last a breakthrough, 2-1 to Burgundy.

Oh, on a roll, another German casualty

Thud! German Knight Power

Ze Germans strike again, down go the heroic Burgundian road blockers!

Spear versus Knight

RaHoo! The Burgundians are the winners 4-3

Cracking game, lots of movement, however it was very hard for both of us to 'get in position' because of the terrain, but that's the beauty of this type of game!   Those BIG German Knight formations proved very difficult to move.  The War Wagon was wasted as well.  The Burgundian Blades on the right were a pain to Jacks movement.