Monday, 18 February 2008

DBA III/47 Pecheneg 850-1122AD

Another one of those peculier armies that I have a 'thing' for.
A combination of many Steppe peoples that swept into the Balkans.
They fought for and against the Byzantines, however even as
mercenaries they sometimes turned on their employers!

We painted these ourselves, I think the majority of the Light Horse
are Essex. The War Wagons are Irregular Minis.

III/47 Pecheneg 850-1122AD
1x3Cv(Gen), 9x2Lh, 2x3Bw or 2Wwg

The Pechenegs on the march!

Pecheneg Light Horse

Pecheneg Cavalry General, (Irregular Minis)

Archers & War Wagons

For BBDBA... six War Wagons!

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