Wednesday, 13 February 2008

DBA IV/23 Feudal English 1181-1322AD

As featured in one of our DBA Battles published earlier, the mighty
Feudal English Medieval Army. A nice all round army with lots of
options. Flags are from the Dansk Figurspils Website, which can be
found on the WebLinks.

1x3Kn(Gen), 3x3Kn, 4x3Bw, 1x4Sp, 2x7Hd, 1x3Cv//3Sp or 2Ps or 4Cb

The mighty host to punish the rebellious Scots or Welsh

The English foot sloggers

English Bow & Crossbow

The heroic English Horde

English Spears

English Knights

The English King, General element

English Hobilars, Cavalry element

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