Tuesday, 17 November 2009

DBA II/18c Kassandros Macedonian Successor

Here's our DBA II/18c Kassandros - Early Macedonian Successor Army.  Not many options just a Spear or Jumbo.  With a few extra elements you can pretty much make up any of the Macedonian Armies.

Link to Kassandros on Wikipedia   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kassandros

DBA II/18c Kassandros Macedonian Successor 
1x3Kn(Gen), 1x3Cv, 4x4Pk, 4x4Ax, 1xEl or 4Sp, 1x2Ps

The mighty Kassandros Army ready for battle

An unusual four elements of Auxilia

The heroic Javelin chucking Psiloi



The very effective four Pike mob

Knight General and Cavalry

Saturday, 7 November 2009

DBA Big Base Romans vs Dacians

We had a visit to our site from Arnstein Orten, he left some nice comments on our Battle of Stamford Bridge game.  Arnstein was in fact the fella who wrote the scenario, so a big thank you to him.  I paid a visit to his DBA web site, very nice indeed... http://folk.uio.no/arnsteio/DBA/   It's well worth a visit, plus I found the section on 'quadruple DBA' very interesting.   After a moment of pondering, stroking the chin and going 'hmmmm' inspiration strikes.  So........

Here we go using our 15mm Armies, Romans we've got tons of them, so they would make up one force.  Opponent wise, it would have to be a Barbarian Army, so we settled on the Dacians (anything to include Sarmations..).  We used some Germanic Troops as Dacian Allies to make up the numbers.

One normal base of Romans becomes 4 bases....

One normal base of Knights becomes four, you get the picture..

The Battlefield, Jack would play the Dacians, I the Romans.

The mighty Roman Host.

The Roman Centre

The Roman Cavalry

The Dacians and their Sarmation Allies.  Jack persuaded me to let him have another Sarmation Knight element, being a nice bloke, I let him.

The Dacian Centre, loadsa Warband....

We're off.  OOOoopss for the first turn we used the 15mm movement range. 
We changed this to 25mm for the rest of the game.

Jack's Sarmations are off, his Blades cover the woods.

Oh, what a lovely sight...

Roman Blade and Auxilia advance.

The Roman General is sitting pretty.

Dacian and Germanic Warbands.


Roman Blades would face the Sarmations, would it be a good move???

The Roman Artillery strikes..

Come of lads, hack those Knights down!

Oh my, there's a few Barbarians lined up there!!!

The Warband take out the Roman Artillery...

Then force back the Roman Auxilia

On the other flank, the Dacian Psiloi are knocked back.

Typical, the Sarmation Knights run down the Romans.

Then advance forward.

Mind you, they do look very impressive...

The Roman General helps out.

The Roman Auxilia charge in to cover the Sarmation advance.

Come on the Romans!

Aaarrggh! This one is getting away from me.

Meanwhile the other Sarmations are forced back

Jack's turn and he sees the path to the Roman General open....

The mighty armies clash!

The end is near for the Romans as the flanks collapse.

One kill for the Romans!

Plus the Romans force back the attack on the hill.

That's victory to the Dacians & Jack.

But to finish the turn, Jack eliminates my Roman General.... Ggggrrr

A nice little game, obviously the purpose of the Big Base elements is to enhance the visual aspect of it.  I must admit, it did look very impressive.  The massed hordes of warbands looked brilliant.  Game wise, why did I let Jack have another element of Knights? A D'oh moment indeed when they matched up against the Roman Blades.  We'll try Big Base DBA again, now what other Armies can we have....?

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

DBA Burgundians vs Germans

Ze Germans are back, this time having a go at the poor old Burgundians.  So leading on from our last game, fast forward about a 1000 years, the same battlefield with a few different terrain features.  Both sides start with some units on the table, the rest will arrive on the roads.  Jack played ze Germans & I the Burgundians.

The Battlefield an initial setup.

Equal numbers to start with.

On come the reinforcements.

German Pike versus Burgundian Pike...

Hordes of Burgundians

Grrrr...The push of Pike.

Back goes the Burgundian General

It's mayhem! The race to deploy...

Burgundian Blades race to block ze Germans.

'Get out the Way!' The German War Wagon and Artillery prove to be a hinderance

The German General is under fire.

The German Knights can't get in the fight, blocked by the Crossbows.

Burgundian Knights prepare to charge.

Pike & Spear versus Pike...

Now it's the German Knights being pinned against the river.

Down go two elements, 1 ALL.

Finally, after many rounds, movement & PiPs the German Knights get into the fight.

More German Knights get across the river.

Now a main battle line starts to take shape.

Nice overview at this stage, loadsa of fighting, still 1 ALL.

An sneaky advantage to the Burgundians 3 onto 1...

At last a breakthrough, 2-1 to Burgundy.

Oh, on a roll, another German casualty

Thud! German Knight Power

Ze Germans strike again, down go the heroic Burgundian road blockers!

Spear versus Knight

RaHoo! The Burgundians are the winners 4-3

Cracking game, lots of movement, however it was very hard for both of us to 'get in position' because of the terrain, but that's the beauty of this type of game!   Those BIG German Knight formations proved very difficult to move.  The War Wagon was wasted as well.  The Burgundian Blades on the right were a pain to Jacks movement.