Tuesday, 15 January 2008

DBA Medieval German vs Italian Condotta

The Germans are in action again, this time a later army list.
The list covers quite a long period in time 1106 - 1519, so
we've collected extra 'later' looking Knights & War Wagons
for the Germans.

IV/13 Medieval German selected
1X4Pk(Gen), 3x3Kn, 1X3Cv, 3x4Pk, 1x2Ps, 2xWWg, 1xArt.

IV/64 Italian Condotta
5X4K(Gen), 1x2Lh, 2x4Cb, 2X4Pk, 1X4Bd, 1X2Ps

Jack was the Condotta General.

The battle Lines are drawn, the Germans at the bottom of the pic.
I placed 2 elements to the right which aren't shown.
Jack put his Light Horse to counter these.

Condotta Line up

German Line, The War Wagons would anchor the flanks of the Pike.

German Knights flood across a field.
(The fields were made from drinks coasters covered in textured paint
& hedge material glued round the edges.)
On my left my lone Psiloi (out of shot) advance rapidly.

The Lines about to clash

Advantage to the Italian Knights with extra numbers.

Nice overview of the Battle

Jacks Knights make short work of mine & they pour through.
I roll poor Pips & the Cavalry on the left can't even get into the shot!
Though I manage to take out some Crossbowman.

My Psiloi emerge from the orchard to try & take out Jacks Artillery.
His Light Horse are lurking though!

They succeed but it may have been a suicide mission.
I even manage to lose a War Wagon :o(

AAaarggh! Jacks Light horse attack... My die roll says it all!

It's over & Jacks gets a close victory...

A good plan but as usual my combat dice let me down.
Jack strolls away 'whooping' loudly, I'll be putting away the kit again.

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