Saturday, 8 March 2008

DBA II/52 Dacian

Here's our Dacian Army that was featured in one of our battles posted earlier.

II/52 Dacian 60BC-106AD
1x4Wb or 3Cav(Gen), 1x2Lh, 6x3Wb, 1x3Bd, 2x2Ps, 1x3Bd or 3Kn or 2Ps or Art

Well for the final selection we have gone for the Knight option...Sarmations!
So we've imported an element from our Sarmation Army.

We got the majority of these from Ebay, they were sold as a Thracian/Dacian morphable army. They look like Essex Minis, the Sarmations are Old Glory.

The Dacian Army

The Dacian King, Cavalry General
Dacian Light Horse
Dacian Warband
Dacian Blades, ready to chop up Romans
Mighty Sarmation Knights

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