Wednesday, 30 September 2009

DBA Gauls vs Germanics

Battle of the BarBars!!!

We've been far too busy lately, gaming has had to take a back seat.

So it was nice that we got some free time, so....  A 'Tribal' clash between The Gauls and The Germans. Stuff the Romans, the Wild Hairy Germans have an eye on a bit of plunder from their Gallic neighbours.  Mega heavy on the WarBand elements, Jack took the Gallic fellows and yours truly the great unwashed Germans.  Plus it's the first time I've been able to use the new Post Editor on Blogger... Errm, in some ways it's quicker, others I haven't made my mind up yet.

Deployment. Gauls at the top, Germans the bottom.

The main band of the Germans.

The Gauls, with snazzy fortified village camp.

Gallic Chariots on the flank, the Germans race to cross the river.

On the other flank, clash of chariot and horse.

German Warband lead forward by a Warband with War dogs (hey it's different..)

Back go Jacks Chariot Boys.

The Germans cross the river, but Jack is ready to charge.

In go the Gallic Warbands, will the Germans be pushed back into the river?

NO! The Germans, outnumbered fight back...

German Cavalry & Psiloi team up.

Jack tries to sneak a Psiloi round the flank...

Now it's the Gallic Boys gaining the momentum.

Round after Round, Recoil Recoil Recoil....

At last, the Germans get an advantage....

In the centre the German Cavalry strike lucky...

But, Jack strikes back, 1 All!

It's evenly balanced all along the line

AArrrgh! The Gauls get an advantage and down go TWO German elements..

Oh No! There's a big gap in the lines now, the end is near...

Jacks Chariot Boys take out the German Horsemen.  GALLIC VICTORY!!!

Ah well, such is life.  Jack needed that one after his sound thrashing in our last Indian Mutiny game.  We'll leave the battlefield set-up and replace the forces with Medieval Burgundians and Germans, that's for next time. 

Well the new blogger editor is more stable, plus the formatting is a lot more clearer so I'll give it the thumbs up.