Friday, 22 February 2008

IV/13 Medieval German(b) 1236-1450AD

Achtung Baby!
Here's our second set of Medieval Germans. This list covers
just over 200 years so we've added a few later looking Knights. The list
is pretty similar to the earlier Germans, the main difference being the size
of the Knight elements.

IV/13 Medieval German (b) 1236-1450AD
1x3Kn(Gen), 1x3Kn, 2x6Kn, 1x4Bd, 1x4Cb, 2x4Sp, 2x3Ax or 4Sp or 4Pk, 2x2Ps

The Germans ready for action

6Kn Elements

3Kn Elements

German Knight General

Lots of colourful German Spears

German Pike Elements

Psiloi in the foreground, Auxillia & Crossbow in the rear

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