Friday, 27 February 2009

PUN3 Rome vs Gaul

Game 3 in our Epic Punic Saga! General Scipio's victory celebrations, after beating the Carthaginians are cut short. News has arrived that the Gauls have built a fleet & crossed the Med in order to give the Romans a sound thrashing!!

Jack took the Gallic Horde & was the attacker. I took the Polybian Romans. The table had a tricky river running down one flank & some hills on the other. DA Roman Plan, hold the bottleneck between the river & hills. Sneakily I placed some units on the other side of the River. Lo & behold, Jack placed his Cavalry on that side of the board..... How would it go?

The Battlefield & plan of attack.
The Heroic Roman Cavalry go scout for Gauls!
Jack takes the bait & off go the Gallic Cavalry
Oh I do like the look of this Roman Battle line!
WAAAAAAARRRGGH! Crazy Gallic Nutters getting a sun tan in the desert!

It would be a two pronged Gallic attack.

Back go the Roman Cavalry, on come the Gallic Horse boys.
In a last ditch bid, Chieftain Virdumarus tries to help out, but succeeds in being stranded.

Down goes one Gallic Cavalry, the other is repulsed.

The Romans attack & the other is swept away!
The wild hairy Gauls get closer!
In they go minus their Chieftain!

Virdumarus is left helpless & can only watch....

Off go the Roman Cavalry.... To pillage the Gallic Pig & Goat camp.

Roman meat grinder tactics hack down a Gallic Warband & the rest recoil.

CHARGE!! Scipio orders the line forward & is rewarded with victory.

Nice view of the final battlefield.

Scipio's position. HAIL SCIPIO!!!!!!

Nice one, victory for the Roman meat grinder. Though splitting up the Gauls made it very easy, plus having your General float around didn't help!
UP next, Syracuse versus the Carthaginians...

Saturday, 21 February 2009

PUN2 Rome vs Carthage

Round 2 of our Punic Campaign, Jack took the Carthaginians & I the Polybian Romans. The Polybians would be the attackers so Jack set up the table. A nice open table, with a couple of hills & a rough piece of terrain. He went with a centre of Elephants flanked by Warband & Spears on the other. To face this I went with an 'odd' cutting edge of Psiloi, I just couldn't help taunting Jack with the possibility of being 'Quick Killed' by them.....

Plus we've also created some DBA markers, which will be used from now on. They'll help with the photo taking.
The initial battlefield, Scipio versus Hannibal!!!

The Polybians advance

Hannibal urges on the Carthaginians

Slight advantage to Jack on the right

Trumpets, bugles, fanfare....

The lines clash

In go the Special Psiloi Elephant hunters....

General Scipio piles in, he has the 'Scrapper' ability (+1 to combat)

The Roman Cavalry are in for a hard time.

Back go the Carthaginian Spear

Ha!! Back go the Gallic Warband, Jack was counting on these to break through.
One of them is cut down by the Romans.

MMMM... The Psiloi plan is pants... They promptly leg it back!

Recoils all round...

Scipio takes out another Carthaginian,
in go the Roman Blades to fight the Jumbo's.

Jack fights back!

Hannibal plugs the gap, but it going to be a clash of Generals.

At last, a kill for the Carthaginians.

Even the Carthaginian Psiloi get stuck in...

The Warband get ready to take the flank.

Mega Clash, who would be the master?

Recoil... Recoil...

HOWEVER.... Scipio cuts down Hannibal.... Victory to ROME!!

Nice one, after a long break way, it was good to play a nice simple game. I like the Polybian Romans, they are tough foe to beat, all those Blades. Anyway that puts the Romans & Gauls in line for a mighty clash. Now, the Carthaginians limp back to their capital with the body of Hannibal. A new General will have to be elected for the rest of the campaign....

Saturday, 14 February 2009

New Site

Hello Everybody!!

The DBA site has become too large, so we have now split it into two.

DBA related stuff will remain on this site.

DBA from 1500 onwards (DBA using the 1500-1900 extensions, DBN & upcoming De Bellis Horribilis stuff) will now be on:-

OR just click on the link on the top right of this site.

Phew!! It's hard work as well, moving half the contents. I'm from an IT background, but BLOGGER seems to have a mind of it's own.... ;o) Slowly, I'll remove posts relating to DBA 15-19K from this site. But don't worry they should already be on the other one.

Work has took it's toll lately as well, hopefully updates soon...