Sunday, 24 May 2009

III/71 Anglo-Danish

Cracking 2 part program on the box this week, 1066 The Battle for Middle-Earth, recounting the 3 battles that took place during the fateful year of 1066. A great watch, if you missed it or can't receive Channel 4 then here's a link to catch up TV

SO.... Off we went to the DBA boxes & morphed a Anglo-Saxon army to battle the VIKINGR! Tofi, Leofric and Ordgar come to life on our battlefield & we re-fought the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Hopefully we'll re-fight Hastings against the nasty Normans later...

The heroic Army ready to defend Middle-Earth


King Harold

King Harold & the Huscarls (Blades)
(sounds like a dodgy Boy Band!!! ooo eerr)

Anglo-Saxon Fyrd (Spears)




Anonymous said...

Aaargh! Great reports, I was all set to watch 1066 and found out that it doesn't stream to America! Boo! Lol, it looks great.


mrfarrow2u said...

Now then Mike!

Cheers for the nice comments bud. My apologies I can't believe Channel 4 doesn't stream it to the States...! Never mind, I've looked & you can get it from Amazon.

All the Best