Thursday, 14 February 2008

DBA III/19 Welsh 580-1420AD

Hordes of screaming Welshmen to battle with anyone wanting a piece of the 'Valleys'. The DBA list covers nearly a 1000 years, quite remarkable indeed. All options are included for the 3 listings of the Welsh. Spear & Warband are catered together with a generic base.

I can't claim this paint job, a purchase from EBAY & they are very nice! The foot look to be Essex & the mounted figures are Museum.

III/19 Welsh 580-1420AD
(a) 580-1099 1x3Cv or 3Wb(Gen), 9x3Wb, 2x2Ps
(b)1100-1294(South) 1x3Cv or 3Kn(Gen), 2x3Wb, 8x3Lb, 1x2Ps
(c)1100-1420(North) 1x3Cv or 3Kn(Gen), 8x3Sp, 3x3Lb or 3Sp or 2Ps

The Horde, all options

The Spear/Warband elements

The mighty Welsh Longbows


Welsh Prince, Knight or Cavalry General

A nice army, very generic & could be morphed into many other armies.
We used these as the Irish Army in our Elizabethan English vs Irish/Spanish game.

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nice! cymru am byth!!!