Thursday, 17 January 2008

DBA IV/62 100 Yrs War English

Good ole Henry V's mob. Lots of Archers to take on the flower of French chivalry. There's a few Knights in there to give some offensive punch.

1x3Kn//4Bd(Gen), 2X3Kn//4Bd, 6X4Lb, 1x3SP or 2Ps,
1x4Lb or 4Bd, 1x3Xb or Art.

Banner from the fantastic Dansk Figurspilsforenings site

The English Army

English firepower, Longbows & a Crossbow

Foot Troops - Bows, Blades, Spear & Psiloi
Bows, Blades, Spears, Psiloi

The English King

The English Knights led by the King
The King & Knights

Mounted English King

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