Tuesday, 15 January 2008

DBA Medieval German vs Early Polish

A clash between IV/13 Medieval German & III/62 Early Polish
This turned out to a very quick battle, it was over in a few rounds.
Jack played the Germans & I was the Polish.

The Poles consisted of 3X3Kn, 1x2 Lh, 3X4Sp, 1x4Bd, 3x3Bw, 1x2Ps
Germans 5X3Kn, 1X4Cb, 2X4Sp, 2x4Pk, 2X2Ps .

Germans on the left, the Poles on the Right

Jack wastes no time & charges in his Knights

Pips desert him & only part of his Knights get into combat

The German Knights push back the Poles

Polish Foot hold the high ground

Jack is put off by the lone Polish Bow element

The dice are good & some German Knights fall.

The Poles overcome the last German Pike & the battle is over

Final positions

Jacks Spears didn't do enough

I was suprised with the Early Poles, they performed really well.
It looked like a German Knight Steamroller, but Pips eluded Jack
& the lone Polish Bow put Jack off charging in all his Knights.

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