Monday, 4 February 2008

DBA Feudal English vs Scots Common

DBA Battle featuring Feudal English vs Scots Common.
Like most of our games it would be a straight scrap fest.
English Knights vs Scots Pike, who would be victorious?
Jack took the Scots & I the English.

IV/16 Scots Common
1x3Kn(Gen), 6x4Pk, 1x3Bw + 1x5Wb, 2x4Pk, 1x2Ps

IV/23 Feudal English
1x3Kn(Gen), 3x3Kn, 4x3Bw, 1x4Sp, 2x7Hd, 1x4Cb

Initial Set up, English at the top.

The Scots, 'Robert the Bruce' the lone Knight element

Smudge the Great Cat God looks down from up high.
He takes a nap in the scenery box.

Close up of the English, nice Pig Farmer camp...

Jacks plan was to take the hill & hold it.

English foot advance through the Orchard

Side view of the Scots

English Hordes flanked by Archers

The English charge home.
Where's Mel & his blue face paint?

Steady Lads... Steady!

Battle for the ploughed field. Highland Rabble & Psiloi fend off
the English Hordes

The 'Bruce' leads the way

WHAM!! In go the Knights...

It's a quick & brutal contest.
Jacks combat dice are good & I don't like his modifiers...oh dear!

Straight down! A Spear & three Knights including the English King

Rock Hard! The Higland Rabble even manage to hold their own...

The 'Bruce' looks on defiant!

Aaarrgghh! Booted back across the border.
No, it's not a good match up, just like Bannockburn the English
Knights arrogance was my downfall. Jacks Pike parked on
the hill was far too strong. Will I ever learn???

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