Thursday, 20 March 2008

DBA Late Roman vs Late Visigoths

DBA Battle time, Late Romans versus Late Visigoths. Standard rules & setup, Jack being the Barbaric Visigoths would be the attacker. I placed a Wood, a Marsh & a Hill.

II/78 Late Imperial Romans (a)Western 307 - 425AD
1x3 Cv(Gen), 1x3Cv, 2x2Lh, 2x4Bd, 3x4Ax, 2x2Ps, 1x3Kn

II/82 Later Visigothic (a)419 - 621AD
1x3Kn(Gen), 3x3Cv, 4x4Wb, 2x2Ps, 2x2Bw

The Setup, Jacks Visigoths on the left

Visigoth Chieftain Jack (with suitable Barbaric hairstyle) looks on

Amy inspects the Roman deployment

Nice view of the Romans, camp by Baueda

Visigoth Cavalry

Visigoth Boyz, Warband & Archers

The Romans advance, Measurement sticks at the ready!

Jacks Visigoths smell blood!

Jacks right flank, his General & Cavalry support the Psiloi

BOOOM!! our little piece of Western Europe is rocked by an earthquake......
Weimaraner Seismic activity!!! Two large grey paws descend & Krazy Harvey wants to join in.
He must have an urge to help his Germanic Brethren! A timeout is called & after ten minutes of Harvey stroking he leaves, Jack quickly fixes the damage to the table.

Back to the action.... The lines advance.

Roman Psiloi secure the woods

Jack moves his General to a central position

Nice view of the Barbarians.

Roman Cavalry & Auxilia watch the Visigoths

Hun Light Horse attack a lone Visigoth Cavalry element

The lines clash, but Jack manages to draw off my Roman Cavalry.
The Roman Knights charge in against.....Bows (Aaaarrrgghh!)
Plus there's some Blade vs Warband match ups. I fear the worst(shaking head).

Yes!! Jack laughs out loud, combats go his way... I'm not a happy bunny.

Its quick & brutal, two rounds of combat & the Visigoths win 4 to 2.
The Romans lose 2 Blades, a Knight & a Auxilia.

Jacks back to winning ways. I curse my (in hindsight) poor setup.
This was the first game of the night, I would get my revenge in the next game ...Samurai Scrap!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

DBA IV/59(b) Post Mongol Samurai

Here's our DBA Samurai Army. We initially bought a small army from EBay & then just
kept adding bits onto it. These fellas have back banners from the brilliant Warflag site

Mind you, if there's one job that is completely soul destroying, then it's attaching loads of
back banners zzzzzzz... We had a Samurai battle the other week & it looked pretty good.
Battle report to follow shortly.

DBA IV/59(b) Post Mongol Samurai 1300-1542AD
1x3Cv or 4Bd(Gen), 1x3Cv, 5x4Bd, 1x3Sp, 4x5Wb or 4x7Hd or 4x3Sp

Samurai Army

The Samurai Lord, Cavalry or Blade General


Samurai Warriors on foot, Blade elements

Ashigaru, Spear element

More Ashigaru, Spear option. Peasants as the Warband/Horde options.

Up close & nasty to those revolting peasants

Samurai Bamboo Camp, guarded by Ashigaru Spear element

DBA IV/18 Lithuanian

An opponent for the Teutonic Knights in the Baltic Crusades.
Half of these figures are Mikes Models! The rest I can't say.

DBA IV/18 Lithuanian or Samogitian 1132 -1435AD
1x3Cv or 2Lh(Gen), 1x3Cv or 2Lh, 6 x2Lh, 2x3Ax, 2x2Ps


Lithuanian Light Horse

Lithuaninan General , Cavalry Elements


Auxillia Elements

Thursday, 13 March 2008

How's it going MrF?

Oh dear, the paints have been out again after a few months on the sidelines. The last time we had this 'urge' (you ALL know what its like...) saw us building hordes of AWI Armies, mostly due to Giles Allisons BRILLIANT Tarletons Quarter Blog

I've been trawling around the blogs & websites lately. Quite frankly the paint jobs out there are getting better & better, so in total envy we're back into 'Building Army' mode. We don't have any fancy set up, all the kit is in trays or boxes & the dining table is the base. So along with some good EBay purchases & plain lead, the armies are coming along nicely.

What's in the pipeline? Wargames Illustrated have just ran a great series on the 30YW, so along with a free download of flags, we've got a Dutch Army. I do fancy a 30YW French Army, complete with D'Artagnons Musketeers, so that's on the go. French Huguenots are not far behind, to go with our existing English Elizabethans. We've also finished some elements to complete our AWI Armies.

Oh and thanks to the fantastic Phils War Cabinet we're just finishing off an Italian Wars Imperial Army with loads of those 'hairy germans in pyjamas', Landsknects. Just need some Artillery for them, I do like Vexillia Ltds Landsknect Artillery & will be buying some when funds allow.

The 'Tools of Creation'....

Dutch Cuirassiers & Dragoons, Huguenots, AWI Cavalry & Infantry

Finished elements & stuff ready for Basing

Now I'm going to have a rant. I was looking through the 'creations' the other day & have you ever had that 'I just don't like the look of them...' urge? Well it was our Sassanid Persians & I'm not happy with our current banners. Yes I know LBM do a flag sheet, but it's for 28mm. (I once spent an eternity at a Games Show Stand measuring up the LBM flagsheet against one of our Sassanid figures. After much 'oooing & aaarring', I still wasn't happy, as it would of meant cutting down the lovely flags. So I left, buying a paintbrush in guilt at taking up so much of the nice traders time..).

I've also seen the free Persian flags on Fanticus, but I've used them elsewhere. I've trawled round Google, looking for Sassanid designs, but found very little. SO... if anyone out there has some cool designs & wouldn't mind sharing them, then please please please leave a comment on our blog with a link or something.

I'm due to start a 7 day shift pattern at work, so new posts may be thin on the ground.
Cheers MrF

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

BBDBA II/47(f) Tencerti Early Germans

Here's 36 elements of Ferocious Hairy Germans, a BBDBA army based on the Tencerti.
Imagine this lot staring at you across the battlefield baying for blood!

f) Tencerti - 2x3Cv(Gen), 1x4Wb(Gen), 3x2Lh, 27x3Wb, 3x2Ps

Tencerti Early Germans

Just to spice things up, we including some Warhounds, they will act as Warbands.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

BBDBA Early Imp.Rome vs Dacians/Sarmations

Back in 2006, England played in another Football Tournament. So fearing the worst we had a BBDBA game as the match played. Well it was a good thing, as England crashed out again. It is tough being a supporter of the two most 'disappointing' football teams in history, Middlesbrough & England. Oh & don't mention Middlesbroughs latest pathetic performance in the FA Cup, beaten 2-0 at home in the FA Cup Quarter Finals... but GOOD LUCK to Cardiff, we hope you go on to win it.

Anyway this is a DBA Blog so back to the 'REAL' action. Romans & Dacians again. I played the Dacians with Sarmation allies, Jack was the evil Romans.

II/56 Early Imperial Roman 3x3Cv(Gen), 4x3Cv, 1x2Lh, 1x2Ps, 12x4Bd, 12x4Ax, 3xArt


II/52 Dacians 1x4Wb(Gen), 1x3Cav(Gen), 2x2Lh, 12x3Wb, 4x3Bd, 4x2Ps

II/26 Sarmations 1x3Kn(Gen), 11x3Kn

My plan was to have the Sarmations as one Big Fist, crush Jacks Flank then sweep into his centre. The Dacians would just use the terrain & hold the centre. Jack was too over confident & placed his units all over, his cavalry were used in the centre.

Initial Set-up, Dacians on the left, Romans the right.
Jack sports his England shirt for Good Luck.

View from the Dacian lines

Both games are in full swing

Jacks Roman set-up

All the Sarmations (this was before we built our Old Glory Sarmation Army shown earlier)

Jack attacks 'en masse'

RAAAHooooo! or whatever Sarmations cry riding into battle...

Nice match up in the centre, Dacian Blades in the centre, Warband to the right

The Dacian King leads a small force through the woods

Jacks centre, Blades & Cavalry about to crush the Warbands

HO HO HO! It's looking good for the Sarmations

Jack reinforces his left flank

Sarmations again...

The Roman Legate takes cover between some Artillery.

Jack lines up his attack in the centre.

The lines engage in the centre.

The Dacian Blades quickly HACK down the Romans, the way is open!

Jacks Auxillia get 'bogged down' before the swamp (sorry bad pun...),
he could of used these units elsewhere

Ohh, look at that open space!! Jacks General has to take action.

Nice view across the battlefield, the Sarmations find the way is open to the Roman camp.

As expected, the Sarmations are winning the hill.

Jack's looking troubled! He knows the end is near.

It's a stalemate in the centre

He's had enough & so have England in the Footy.

A nice battle, Jack knows were he went wrong. After this game his tactics got better (& mine got worse!). 12 Sarmation Knights ploughing into your line is a toughie!!!