Monday, 5 May 2008

DBA Medieval German vs Later Swiss

Late Medieval action now, with a clash between the Germans & the Swiss. More of a footsloggers battle with a lot of Pike elements. Jack would take the Swiss & I the Germans.

IV/13d Medieval German 1479-1519
1x4Pk(Gn),1x3Kn, 2x3Kn,1x3Cv, 3x4Pk, 1x2Ps, 2xWWg, 1xArt

IV/79 Later Swiss 1400-1522
1x4Pk(Gn), 1x4Bd, 7x4Pk, 2x2Ps, 1xArt.

Overview of the Battlefield from the German lines. I was the attacker, terrain was two hills & a small orchard.

The mighty Later Swiss, Jack opted to take Blades instead of Knights. His main force would take the centre. Strangely he put a Psiloi on either flank.

My plan was to have Knights on my left, Pike & War Wagons the centre, Cavalry & Psiloi the right. The Artillery would guard the camp.


The initial moves, however something just wasn't right... Plus Jack had a wry smile on his face.


Keep a tight formation..!!!.

My right Flank, the German Cavalry mission was to capture Jacks camp. In hindsight my Artillery was wasted.


HA HA HAA! First blood to me, Jack foolishly advances his Psiloi & the German Knights attack.

Battle in the Orchard, Psiloi clash & the Germans win. 2- 0 to the Germans.


Oooo.... it's looking good, both his flanks have gone. Now could I make the advantage count?


The main lines about to clash, I was confident.. Just two more kills for victory.


Oh no..!! Jack blasts my War Wagon to bits. Suddenly it's not looking too good for the Germans. Jack turns his Artillery to face the oncoming German Knights.


The German Pike are no match for the ruthless Swiss, another casualty for me. Quickly I send my Psiloi from the Orchard to provide support.


I curse my luck, a low PIP roll. I need to commit my Knights but it's taking an eternity.

I can't get my Pike forward to support the Psiloi, Jack turns to attack. The Psiloi has the advantage of fighting in the rough. I nearly throw my 'Lucky' dice out of the window...
I rolled a one. Typically Jack rolls a six..... Victory is slipping from my grasp.
I get my Knights in position but they fail to make an impression. In the background my Cavalry just don't have the speed to reach Jacks camp. On his turn, the Swiss Pike make short work of their counterparts. Victory to the Jack!!

Jacks laughing far too much & lets his little secret out. He points to a lone German Knight element still in the box. I've only played with an eleven element army. Never mind, with my wasted Artillery, I've only played with ten. Such is life. .

A tough scrap which got away from me, after initial success, I didn't have enough in the centre.
Why did I put a War Wagon in front of Jacks Artillery? More D'OH!


Anonymous said...

Nice little report. Way to go Jack!

Keith said...

I have only recently found your site. Great work! I am very impressed with it and have been coming back periodically to check for updates. I intend having a go at DBA again after a gap of 12+ years. Keep the photo reports coming.

mrfarrow2u said...

Cheers Fellas!

Well done Keith, DBx is a smashing game, especially if you haven't got lots of time..

All the Best

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