Saturday, 9 May 2009

Beyond the Golden Gate Intro

I've always had a interest in Warhammer Ancient Battles (alright don't boo too much..), indeed it what we started with. However it didn't work out for our style of gaming, obviously DBA was the way for us. One thing continued though & that is collecting the WAB Supplements. No matter what you think of Games Workshop, you cannot fault any of publications for information & photo quality. One absolute favourite of mine is BYZANTINE: Beyond the Golden Gate. I've mentioned before that I love the Sassanid Persians, so.... here's our next campaign.

One check of the DBA Rulebook and in the Suggested Historical Campaigns is THE RISE OF ISLAM 633AD. We'll let the Byzantines, Sassanids, Arab Conquest & the KHAZARS battle it out. I had fancied using all six of the armies suggested but the III/1 Slavs looked very boring, so we'll stick with just the four. Of course we like to 'SPICE' things up, so as well as giving each leader an attribute.... we are going to use DOUBLE sized DBA armies too...... }:o)


II/69 Sassanid Persians
1x3Cv(G), 8x3Cv, 3x4Kn, 2x2LH, 2xEl, 2x3Ax, 4x7Hd, 2x2Ps
(Instead of a 2nd General added an extra 1x3Kn)
KHOSROE II = Divinity, re-roll any dice roll twice per game.

III/25. Arab Conquest
1x3Cv(G), 9x3Cv, 2x2LH, 8x3Wb, 4x3Bw
(Instead of a 2nd General added an extra 1x3Cv)

Saad Ibn Waqqas = SWIFT, +100 Paces to own Groups Movement

III/16. Khazar

1xWWg(G), 6x3Cv, 8x2LH, 4x7Hd, 4x2Ps, 1xArt.
(Instead of a 2nd War Wagon +Arty, we've added 2x3Cv)

The BEG = WISE, +1 PiP per round
(The 'Beg' was the military leader of the Khazars rather like a Shogun)

III/17. Maurikian Byzantine

1x6Cv(G), 6x6Cv, 6x2LH, 3x3Kn(Optimates), 4x4 Bd + 4x2Ps
(Swapped out the 2nd General for an extra 1x3Kn)
Heraclius = RASH, can make own group double move to end in combat

Special ability (or disability) Chart
2D6 was rolled for each one & matched against the following chart.

2 SLOW = -100 to own GROUPS move
3-4 IDIOT = -1 PIP per round.
5-6 WISE = +1 PIP per round.
7 SWIFT = +100 Paces to own GROUPS move
8 RASH = Can make own group Double move but must end in Combat.
9 SCRAPPER = Extra +1 to Combat rolls (own element)
10 ROCK HARD = Any KILL result drops to a RECOIL (own element, once per battle)
11 DIVINITY = Re-Roll any die (1-3 times per game)
12 LUCKY = Roll two combat dice & discards the lower


Anonymous said...

I've been looking at this era myself, so am very keen to see how the battle reports pan out. Khazars have always been a pet love...

MrF said...

Cheers Nathan. I agree mate, there is something about the Steppe Peoples that is 'quirky' but at the same time fascinating. It's going to be interesting how The BEG in his 'A-Team' War Wagon plays out.... ;o)