Monday, 3 March 2008

DBA II/26 Later Rhoxolani Sarmation

Who CAN'T fail to love the Sarmations, the opportunity to have 12 Knight elements pounding
across the table. Well here's our attempt at a Later Rhoxolani Sarmation Army. Although the list has a few options available, it's the 12 Knight option that we have gone for.

The figures are a mixture, the Heavy Cavalry Bowmen are Isarus Range.

The fellas with the Huge Lances are Old Glory. We painted these ones up & still remain one of my favourite paint jobs.

II/26 Sircae, Iazyges, Later Rhoxolani Sarmation (310BC-375AD)
1x3Kn(Gen), 8x3Kn, 1x2Lh or 3Kn, 2x2PS or 3Kn

Sarmations, ready to pound the Romans into the dust

Old Glory Sarmations

Isarus Sarmations

Sarmation Prince, Knight General

Close up of the Old Glory Sarmations

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