Tuesday, 18 March 2008

DBA IV/18 Lithuanian

An opponent for the Teutonic Knights in the Baltic Crusades.
Half of these figures are Mikes Models! The rest I can't say.

DBA IV/18 Lithuanian or Samogitian 1132 -1435AD
1x3Cv or 2Lh(Gen), 1x3Cv or 2Lh, 6 x2Lh, 2x3Ax, 2x2Ps


Lithuanian Light Horse

Lithuaninan General , Cavalry Elements


Auxillia Elements

1 comment:

Dalauppror said...

Hi MrF
Lithuanians is a fun army to play!

I have playd mine in a mini Baltic crusade tournament (with 3 players, me, Nisse and oskar)

I managed to win against Nisses Teutones:) but loos against Oskars Later Polish army:(

Best regards Dalauppror