Friday, 25 January 2008

DBA III/74 Fanatic Berber

A few 'Desert Dweller' Armies that we have collected. Firstly the brilliantly
named FANATIC Berbers. These fellas fought everyone from Egypt, to North
Africa & onto El Cids Spanish Armies.

1039AD - 1529AD
1x3Cv or 2LH (Gen), 3x2Lh, 3x4Sp, 3x2Ps, 2cx2Lh or 3Cm or (1x3Kn + 1x3Cb)

The army arrayed with all options (we subbed a Bow for the Xbows)

The Light Horse

The General, Cav or Lh option

Black Guard in the form of Spears

The Camel riders

The Knight & Bow option

Desert rabble, the Psiloi

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