Friday, 30 May 2008

Battle of Britain 1300AD

Now for something completely different… We had some spare time & decided to have a game. While looking through the Armies, we couldn’t decide which ones to use. I took one of our A4 Army boxes from the shelves which had four Armies inside. Jack commented that ' it would be MINT to use all four' (Translation : MINT = youngsters term for something good..). The Armies in question are Feudal English, Scots Common, Welsh & the Highlands/Islands. So a cunning plan was hatched, ‘Why not use all four?’
The Fazzies (Jack & I) ‘Battle of Britain’, a mini tournament using all four Armies, battling out in turn against each other. Four Armies with one scrap against each other gives a total of SIX Battles overall. Jack & I would take turns commanding the various forces. We selected the initial match ups randomly (Kates pulled the names out of the hat!). Obviously this campaign is fictional....
Champions of Britain would be the Army with the most points at the end of the six games. Scoring as follows:

  • +5 for winning a battle.
  • +2 for enemy general destroyed.
  • +2 for looting a camp.
  • +1 for each enemy element destroyed.

    Mind you getting Six games of DBA played in the next few weeks is going be tough! The Armies have an emphasis on MIXED troop types, just to liven things up! Looking at the lists, I can see an early favourite.... Anyway here are the Armies involved, in NO specific order.

IV/16 Scots Common 1x3Kn(Gen), 6x4Pk, 1x3Bw, 1x5Wb, 2x3Wb, 1x2Ps

IV/23 Feudal English 1x3Kn(Gen), 3x3Kn, 4x3Bw, 1x4Sp, 2x7Hd, 1x3Cav

III/77 Scots Highlands & Islands 1x4Bd(Gen), 8x4Bd, 2x3Bw + 1x5Wb

III/19(c) Welsh 1100-1420(North) 1x3Kn(Gen), 8x3Sp, 2x3Lb, 1x2Ps


Also to make things extra juicy, each General or King has a special ‘attribute’ or ‘super ability’. A D6 was rolled for each one & match against the following chart.

1 IDIOT = -1 PIP per round.
2 WISE = +1 PIP per round.
3 SWIFT = +100 Paces to own GROUPS move
4 RASH = Can make Double move but must end in Combat (own element).
5 SCRAPPER = Extra +1 to Combat rolls (own element)
6 ROCK HARD = Any KILL result drops to a RECOIL (own element, once per battle)

The results were as follows:

Magnus Bearlegs King of the Highlands – IDIOT.
King of England – WISE .
Robert the Bruce KING of Scotland – SWIFT .
Owen King of Wales – ROCK HARD….

Let the Battle of Britain commence!!!!!!!!


Dalauppror said...

Hi Mate

Nice tournament idee.

Like the Generals caracteristics:)

Best regards Dalauppror

mrfarrow2u said...

Cheers Bud!

Something a little different, variety is the 'spice of life' as they say. We've just had the second battle & I received a MAJOR drubbing!!!