Wednesday, 13 February 2008

DBA III/77 Scots Isles & Highlands 1050-1493AD

The Scottish lads who inhabited the Western Scottish Isles.
Very Blade heavy, in fact if you want ALL could be Blade.
We took the Bow & Warband options just to spice it up a bit.

1x4Bd(Gen), 8x4Bd, 3x4Bd or (2x3Bw + 1x5Wb)

The Lads ready for action

The Blades

Hamish Bearlegs, General

The Scots Bow

Wild men of the Highlands after spilling English blood


Anonymous said...

nice army, where would be the best place to buy them?


MrF said...

Now then Anon

Tough one, they are a mixture of figures from all over.