Tuesday, 18 March 2008

DBA IV/59(b) Post Mongol Samurai

Here's our DBA Samurai Army. We initially bought a small army from EBay & then just
kept adding bits onto it. These fellas have back banners from the brilliant Warflag site

Mind you, if there's one job that is completely soul destroying, then it's attaching loads of
back banners zzzzzzz... We had a Samurai battle the other week & it looked pretty good.
Battle report to follow shortly.

DBA IV/59(b) Post Mongol Samurai 1300-1542AD
1x3Cv or 4Bd(Gen), 1x3Cv, 5x4Bd, 1x3Sp, 4x5Wb or 4x7Hd or 4x3Sp

Samurai Army

The Samurai Lord, Cavalry or Blade General


Samurai Warriors on foot, Blade elements

Ashigaru, Spear element

More Ashigaru, Spear option. Peasants as the Warband/Horde options.

Up close & nasty to those revolting peasants

Samurai Bamboo Camp, guarded by Ashigaru Spear element


Dalauppror said...

Hi Mr F
Really Nice army, I want one to :)
Waht company is the minis from? Essex?
Best regards Dalauppror

MrF said...

Cheers Bud!
Wait till you see the Samurai in action! I think some are Essex, some Two Dragons...