Monday, 11 February 2008

DBA Ottomans vs Mamluks

Nice scrap this one, lots of mobility with two Horse heavy armies.
I'd be playing the Ottomans & Jack the Mamluks.

Battlefield we created ourselves PVA, Sand, Paint.....
The terrain is from commercial sources, Ottoman Camp is from Baueda.
Mamluk Baggage Camp, Camels from Museum Minis.

67 Ottoman Turk 1512-1570. 4x3Cv, 2x2LH, 2x4Sh, 1x3Bw, 1x3Bd, 2x2Ps.

72 Mameluke, 1250-1517. 6x3Cv, 2x2LH, 1x3Cv, 1x3Aux + 1x2Ps, 1x7Hd

The Ottomans line up, 4 Cavalry, 2 Light Horse...

Mamluks, 7 Cavalry & 2 Light Horse elements...

The Battlefield, this board is standard 24x24.
Ottomans on the left, red lines of advance. Foot troops to
hold the middle, Psiloi the Oasis, Cavalry take the Right Flank.
Mamluks on the right, yellow lines. Jacks plan, Cavalry down the
middle & the main thrust on his left.

Nive view from the Mamluks Line straight down the middle.

Ottoman General with his Sipahis

Mamluk Cavalry, shield decals Veni Vidi Vici

Ottoman steady advance

Jacks Mamluks are straight in.

Good Pips for the Ottoman Psiloi & they're straight through
the oasis. One manages to ZOC the Mamluk General

View from behind the Ottoman lines.
Please note Ottoman General well out of the Combat!!

Clash of Cavalry, whose horseman would be victorious?

Lovely view of the Cavalry battle

The Mamluks force back the Ottoman Cavalry

Ottoman Jannisaries, Shot & Bow hold the middle

Mamluk Cavalry win the flank. What will Jack do now?
He becomes obsessed with taking my camp & his advantage
fizzles out. He divides his strength on the flank & the PIPS
desert him.

The Ottoman Jannisaries help out.

My General even gets into the fighting

It's close 3 -3, but I manage to flank his Cavalry & force a
Recoil, no retreat, Game OVER!

He is not happy, he knows he should of won this one.
Lots of cavalry meant lots of mobility but he had too many
options. That element in the bottom corner of the above shot
is Mamluk Cavalry. A Camp to far for Jack!

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