Thursday, 8 January 2009

Punic Wars Introduction

Here we go again, another mini campaign. This time we've gone back in time to the 2nd Punic Wars. Again we've picked four nations to battle each other & again each General will have a special ability (which Jack randomly allocated by rolling the dice). This time we'll split the contests on either a lovely lush & green 'European' style battlefield OR a 'Desert' style battlefield. We've already ran a couple of games over Xmas.


II/9 Syracusan 410BC-210BC
King Hieronymus - ROCK HARD = KILL drops to a RECOIL (own element, 1 per battle)
1x3Cv or 4Sp(Gen), 6x4Sp, 1x4Sp or 3Wb, 1x4Ax or 3Cv, 1x4Aux or Art, 1x2Lh, 1x2Ps

II/33 Polybian Roman 275BC-105BC
General Scipio - SCRAPPER = Extra +1 to Combat rolls (own element)
1x3Cv(Gen), 1x3Cv, 6x4Bd, 2x4Sp, 2x2Ps

II/32 Later Carthaginian 275BC-146BC
General Hannibal - SWIFT = +100 Paces to own GROUPS move
1x3Cv(Gen), 1x2LH, 3x4Sp, 1x4Aux, 3x3Wb or 2Ps, 1xEl or 3Cv, 1xEl or 2Lh, 1x2Ps

II/11 Gallic 400BC-50BC
Chieftan Virdumarus - WISE = +1 PIP per round.
1x4Wb or LCh(Gen), 2xLCh or 3Cv, 8x3Wb, 1x2Ps

Each General would have a special ability (or disability). A 2D6 was rolled for each one & matched against the following chart.

2 SLOW = -100 to own GROUPS move
3-4 IDIOT = -1 PIP per round.
5-6 WISE = +1 PIP per round.
7 SWIFT = +100 Paces to own GROUPS move
8 RASH = Can make Double move but must end in Combat.
9 SCRAPPER = Extra +1 to Combat rolls (own element)
10 ROCK HARD = Any KILL result drops to a RECOIL (own element, once per battle)
11 LUCKY = Re-Roll any die (1-3 times per game)
12 OMENS = Roll two combat dice & discards the lower (1-3 times per game)


Obadiah said...

I love the idea about the generals having a special ability. Might give that a shot with the people I play with! Thanks for the idea.

mrfarrow2u said...

Cheers Mate! Yes it does add a little spice to the game.

All the Best