Sunday, 10 January 2010

Ohh! Where have you been MrF? Jan 2010

Well actually, nowhere MrF, just taken a break from gaming due to the mad Crimbo period. The horrors have been basking in their Xmas booty and being a Bah Humbug, I was banished to the back room during my days off. I did try to ‘integrate’ with the family unit over Xmas, but alas the noise and general mayhem drove me daft. A Nintendo WII being the new addition to the ‘Fazzy Abode’ and the crazed frenzy of game playing began.

Oh I did try to compete, but I’m not a nipper anymore. I used to be a gaming freak in the 80’s, an arcade & console junkie. Space Invaders, Galaxians, Scramble, the Atari console, the C64…. No, the skill has left my body, now I must face the humiliation of being soundly thrashed by all the kids.

So I’ve raised a few more armies, from the junkpile and shrewd online acquisitions. A few more rule-sets have been studied, which look rather good as well. Posts will be made soon, though I will be sticking to the later periods or ‘DBA with guns’. I enjoy those time frames much more, so I can’t see much happening in the ‘pure’ DBA periods (Ancients & Medievals).  So sorry folks, this DBA site won't be getting many posts.  I'll be concentrating on our DBA 1500-1900 site.  Check out our latest, Zulu Wars...