Tuesday, 12 February 2008

BBDBA Carthaginians vs Seleucids

Big Battle DBA featuring Carthaginians & Seleucids.
This was one of our very early games from August 2006.
Jack played the Seleucids & I the mighty host from Carthage.

Well this one had everything, Elephants, Knights, Scythed Chariots,
Cavalry, Warband, Pikes, Camels, Light Horse, Auxilia & Psiloi!
What a slugfest it turned out to be. If you get the chance, then I do
recommend putting in the extra effort & having a BBDBA game.
The table was 48" by 24" & it only just managed to get everything on.

The view from the Carthaginian line

Overhead view, Seleucids at the top

5 Carthaginian Elephants in the centre

My right wing consisted mainly of Gallic Warband, no problem I thought!

Battle of the Oasis, but look at all those nasty Pikes waiting to pounce..

Chaaarrgge! In go the Warband...

Oh dear.. What a bloodbath. That's what you get when you put
Naked Nutters up against Knight, Cavalry & Scythed Chariot.

The centre, Seleucid Silver Shield Pike hold their own against my Elephants.

Battle for the Carthaginian left

OOOO... My jumbos don't like those Pikes & promptly get forced back.

My right flank is completely smashed & that command breaks.

My losses are far too shameful for a Father to take in front
of a Son 'Whooping' very loudly... I throw in the towel & surrender.

Final view from the victorious Seleucid lines.

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