Monday, 4 February 2008

DBA IV/63 Aztec 1325-1521

Here we go, as promised, the Aztec Army that we picked up at Vapartnak. As for enemies, I'm sure we can morph our Imperial Spanish Armies into Conquistadors....

1x4Bd(Gen), 1x4Wb, 2x4Bd, 6x5Wb, 1x2Ps, 1x3Wb or 4Bw or 2Ps

Aztec Army, with a 'Gold Mine' as a Camp.

Aztec General (Blade)

Aztec Psiloi & Bow

Aztec Blades

Aztec 3 Warband & 4 Warband

Aztec 5 Warband, all six elements - very nice!


Anonymous said...

Dear mrfarrow2u. I just saw your post about the aztec army. Very Kool. I've been trying to get this set, but i can't find it anywhere:(.

I notice you mentioned a place called Vapartnak. Could you help me out and give me some info where or how to get this awesome game. Also who makes it?

Thanks and i really appreciated your help!!!


mrfarrow2u said...

Now then, thanks for the nice comments. If it's the DBA rules you are after then you could try EBAY. Here's a link to 'THE KEEP'
, the online store of Wargames Research Group.

However when you get the rules make sure you download the 'Unofficial DBA Guide' at the WADBAG site

The Aztec Army looks to be Essex Minis, you can order it direct from their online store.