Friday, 25 January 2008

DBA III/25 Arab Conquest

The Army that exploded out of the Saudi desert in the 7th Century.
This rag tag bunch went on to conquer many foes including the Sassanid Persians!
The DBA list fizzles out at 660AD to be replaced by the Umayyad Arabs. With a few extra
Bow elements we could morph this army into Umayads as well.

We have enough elements to cover both the A & B Lists

(a) 622AD-638AD
1x3Cv or 4wb(Gen), 2x2Lh, 7x4Wb, 2x3Bw or 2Ps

The WarBands!

Light Horse



The General - Cavalry or WarBand

(b) 639AD-660AD
1x3Cv(Gen), 4x3Cv, 1x2Lh, 4x4Wb, 2x3Bw or 2Ps

The Army now has a greater mounted element giving it great mobility.

The Cavalry

The rest of the army

DBA III/69 Tuareg

Ah..smell those Tuareg campfires!
An enemy for the Fanatic Berbers, but a real tough nut to crack.
The Tuaregs are very heavy on the Camels. In the Desert
environment they treat Dunes & Oasis rough terrain as good going.

1000AD - 1075AD
1x3Cm(Gen), 8x3Cm, 1x2/3Cm, 2x3Wb or 3Cm or 2Ps or 3Ax

Psiloi elements & the Warband double as Auxiliary

DBA III/74 Fanatic Berber

A few 'Desert Dweller' Armies that we have collected. Firstly the brilliantly
named FANATIC Berbers. These fellas fought everyone from Egypt, to North
Africa & onto El Cids Spanish Armies.

1039AD - 1529AD
1x3Cv or 2LH (Gen), 3x2Lh, 3x4Sp, 3x2Ps, 2cx2Lh or 3Cm or (1x3Kn + 1x3Cb)

The army arrayed with all options (we subbed a Bow for the Xbows)

The Light Horse

The General, Cav or Lh option

Black Guard in the form of Spears

The Camel riders

The Knight & Bow option

Desert rabble, the Psiloi

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

DBA Indians vs Achaemenid Persian

Ancient Double Sized DBA Battle between Indians &
Achaemenid Persians. The Indian Army is heavy with Elephants,
Chariots, Bows & Blades. The Persians have Spears, Cavalry &
deadly Scythed Chariots. General Jack would take the Persians &
yours truly the Indians. My army combined a Mountain Indian &
a Classical Indian selection. The tabletop was a TerrainMat.
Scenery from commercial companies.

II/2 Mountain Indian
El(Gen), 2X2Lh, 1x4Bd, 4x3Ax, 4x2Ps

II/3 Classical Indian
El(Gen), 2xEl, 2xHCh, 2x3Cv, 1x4Bd, 4x4Bw
II/7 Late Achaemenid Persian
2xLCh(Gen), 4X3Cv, 4x2Lh, 8x4Sp, 4x2Ps, 2xSCh

The Indian Line up, Jumbos/Heavy Chariots in Middle.
Mountain Indians would take the left & the rough terrain.

Persian set up, Spears in the Middle, Light Horse & Cavalry
on each flank.

Overview of the set up.

General Jack with final adjustments to his Army.

Jacks view of the table

Nice views of the Indians. Note the shields on the Mountain
Indians to the right. 'Tiger' shields for Auxillary, 'Leopards'
for the Psiloi & 'Mountain Lion' for the Blades.

The Indian Heavies prepare to stomp the opposition.

They're off, nice Pips lead to a mass charge.

Jacks responds with just advancing his centre.

Persian General leading the Cavalry.

Funky Indian Camp guarded by a Bow element.

Jacks Scythed Chariots go straight for the Jumbos.

The Cavalry manoeuvre, advantage to the Persians with
greater numbers.

Persian Spears advance, there's some Mercenary Greek
Hoplites in there.

Nice view of the Persian Cavalry

The Jumbos make short work of the Scythed Chariots.

Now Jack throws in his Spears

The left flank is a battle of the Light troops

Crash! Bang! Wallop! The centre clashes, it was a big scrap.

High ground to the Persian Cavalry

Will Jacks General survive?

No.. he's mincemeat!!!! But a Jumbo goes down as well, this one
is close. With the loss of a General he needs to roll Pips
just to keep that command fighting. If he doesn't then they'll
be legging back to Persia!

The right flank fizzles out into a stalemate.

With Losses mounting, Jack's morale goes & he begs for mercy!
The Indians take the day.....

Nice battle, we loved the mixture of troops. I must admit there is
something about Chariots flashing across the table. Jacks mistake was
to put his General in the front line - I'm teaching him bad habits!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Double IV/83 Wars of the Roses English

To fight each other or the French & Scottish.
I don't think they look as impressive as other European
Late Medieval Armies though. The flags are a mixture of
commercially available sticky backed ones & the free Medieval
Flags download from Foundry Miniatures.

The Army lined up, not many Knights....

Front view of the English