Saturday, 21 February 2009

PUN2 Rome vs Carthage

Round 2 of our Punic Campaign, Jack took the Carthaginians & I the Polybian Romans. The Polybians would be the attackers so Jack set up the table. A nice open table, with a couple of hills & a rough piece of terrain. He went with a centre of Elephants flanked by Warband & Spears on the other. To face this I went with an 'odd' cutting edge of Psiloi, I just couldn't help taunting Jack with the possibility of being 'Quick Killed' by them.....

Plus we've also created some DBA markers, which will be used from now on. They'll help with the photo taking.
The initial battlefield, Scipio versus Hannibal!!!

The Polybians advance

Hannibal urges on the Carthaginians

Slight advantage to Jack on the right

Trumpets, bugles, fanfare....

The lines clash

In go the Special Psiloi Elephant hunters....

General Scipio piles in, he has the 'Scrapper' ability (+1 to combat)

The Roman Cavalry are in for a hard time.

Back go the Carthaginian Spear

Ha!! Back go the Gallic Warband, Jack was counting on these to break through.
One of them is cut down by the Romans.

MMMM... The Psiloi plan is pants... They promptly leg it back!

Recoils all round...

Scipio takes out another Carthaginian,
in go the Roman Blades to fight the Jumbo's.

Jack fights back!

Hannibal plugs the gap, but it going to be a clash of Generals.

At last, a kill for the Carthaginians.

Even the Carthaginian Psiloi get stuck in...

The Warband get ready to take the flank.

Mega Clash, who would be the master?

Recoil... Recoil...

HOWEVER.... Scipio cuts down Hannibal.... Victory to ROME!!

Nice one, after a long break way, it was good to play a nice simple game. I like the Polybian Romans, they are tough foe to beat, all those Blades. Anyway that puts the Romans & Gauls in line for a mighty clash. Now, the Carthaginians limp back to their capital with the body of Hannibal. A new General will have to be elected for the rest of the campaign....


Peeler said...

Nice write up MrF, and I do like those markers, very good.

MrF said...

Cheers Peeler! They've saved a lot of editing on Paint.Net with the post match photos. Plus at the end of every round, they gave an overall 'visual results'.


Anonymous said...

Great report as usual. Like the markers, good idea.