Friday, 1 February 2008

DBA Late Swiss vs Italian Condotta

DBA Medieval Battle, Late Swiss & Italian Condotta.
Jack & Amy were the Swiss & I the evil Mercenary Italians.

IV/79 Later Swiss 1400-1522
1x4Pk(Gen), 1X3Kn, 7x4Pk, 2x2Ps, 1x2Lh

IV/61 Italian Condotta 1320-1495
1x3(Kn), 4x3Kn, 1x2Lh, 1x4Cb, 2x4Pk, 1X4 Bd, 2x2Ps

The Battlefield from the Italian Lines

The Swiss march out from their Castle!
(Funky Gothic Castle from the Pet Shop!)

The Italians Line up, the Knights would advance on one flank.
Pike, Blade & Crossbow would advance up the road.

The Italian Camp, another Pet Shop castle!
Mercenary Italian Psiloi in the form of Handgunners.

Good Pips for the Horrors & the Swiss hold the Bridge.

Close-up of the Swiss Pike

My Italians lumber up the road.

Condotta Knights

The Knights Line up for the Charge

The Battle for the Bridge!

No problems here, the Knights were going to steamroller
anything on that flank.

With only 1 Knight & 1 Light Horse, the Swiss are in trouble

The Swiss Pike hold the Bridge, but could I make the numbers
count on the Italian right?

Poor Pips & I'm not doing much...

The Italian Pike get a foothold on the Left.

The Swiss Mounted troops are still in the fight.

Wooaa, Flag Fest... The Swiss do look good.

Well it's gone wrong again, the cowardly Condotta Knights
have failed.

I win the battle for the Bridge but....

The Swiss Mounted did enough.

My Losses FOUR Knights..... both the Horrors utter
victory chants.... Easy! Easy! Easy! Easy! Easy!

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