Monday, 14 January 2008

Hello Everybody !!!

Jack gloating again.....

Ok... well this Blog is dedicated to our dabble into the world
of De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) & all it's add ons. We'll show
our Armies that we have collected & the many Battles that
have took place in our humble abode.

Why DBA? Well for us it's perfect, time in our household is a premium. We can have a quick game, small amount of troops, small board with a simple set of rules, then pack it all away quickly for another day. We play as often as we can but we ALWAYS have fun...which in my book is what it's all about.

Who are we? Well we're a Father & Son (plus sometimes Amy) outfit from Middlesbrough in the North East of England. While I've had the gaming 'disease' for many years, my son Jack has developed it recently. We travel to many Wargames Shows when we can (& money allows!) in the North of England collecting bits n bobs to build our collection. Sometimes other peoples work, sometimes plain lead which we enjoy painting.

We're not out to change the world but if you get enjoyment or even inspiration from our collection then good stuff!

As a family we're keen members of English Heritage & visit sites all over the North of England. I thoroughly recommend joining, paying the yearly membership
allows free entry to the sites. You do save quite a bit of cash. The kids love going to the Castles & a good day is had by all. I've put a few pics of the sites we've been to. There's also some from a holiday to Western Scotland.

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