Tuesday, 29 July 2008

How's it going MrF?? July08.

It's the School Holidays & I've got some time off, so.... Out with the paints! I've been 'rummaging' through the unfinished boxes, just to see what needs that final touch. There's a fair few projects that I'd forgotten about & of course some NEW ones!

The Bits 'n' Bobs

Polybian Roman Spears now have Shield Transfers!

First the old ones, still to complete. TYW French, just need to buy some suitable Mounted Musketeers. Both the Cardinals Guard & Kings Musketeers. French Wars of Religion, got more than enough troops now, just need to get them based MrF style & add some suitable flags. Italian Wars, again more than enough troops, just need to sort them out & add suitable flags. They'll be then straight into battle. Well they're the 'biggies'.

SO a new one! THE SUDAN.... Victorian British & Hordes of Dervishes. Hidden away in a box on the shelves, some previous purchases & old paint jobs. Where did this sudden inspiration come from? Watching the 1939 version of 'The Three Feathers', the best version by far! So I've been trawling the Web for research, there are now some new Sites on the Links section.

The British troops are all red coated, so to be able to cover all the Sudan Campaign I'm going to re-paint half of them in Khaki. We have some unpainted Mikes Models British Cavalry, so they will be painted & join the ranks! Plus I'll need some artillery crews & some of the odd bods, British Camel troops, probably order them online.


Lots of Fanatical Dervishes!

Superb SUDAN Paint Guide by Michael Perry on the WI Website (see links)

Plus this week, we've tidied up our Carthaginians. Touched up the paint jobs, fixed those pesky spears that have fallen off, added new elements. Pics to follow!

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