Thursday, 23 September 2010

Battle of Bosworth Museum

We paid a visit to the Bosworth Battlefield Museum & it was well worth it.  Plus it was a smashing price for the entrance fee, nice & cheap for the six of us.  Full details for the museum can be seen at the website...

The best place for Jack

Henry Tudor & Richard III eye each other up.

There are lots of good displays

Amy was in her element

Life size models of the troops involved


Richard III in full plate

Don't touch the displays Jack!

A nice touch, armour for the kids to try on

Jenny even had a go

It's an improvement Jack...

Nice range of weapons, luckily nailed to the wall though!

The crown in the thickets

Some bones of one of the fallen

The standard of Richard III, from his camp outside on the battlefield. 
Of course Amy now wants to play the Battle of Bosworth, stay tuned.


Dalauppror said...

Hi MrF

Nice pictures from the Bosworth Battlefield Museum. I would realy like to see it, but I suppouse it is a bit far from Sweden, but I might convince my family to go there on holliday in the future... Looking forward to the Battle of Bosworth AAR;)

Best regards Dalauppror

Peeler said...

That looks a right good day out MrF!

MrFarrow2U said...

Now then Peeler & Dalauppror, it was well worth the entrance fee. The only down side was that, the no-one truly knows the exact location of the battlefield. There is a Battlefield walk, with various attractions dotted en-route. If your in that part of England then make sure you pay it a visit.