Tuesday, 15 January 2008

DBA Camps

One aspect of DBA is to have a Camp. It's a chance to
be very creative & come up with some nice dioramas.
Here's a selection of ours from commercial stuff
to some scratch built kit.

Gigantic Gothic - it's from the Pet Shop, an Aquarium ornament.
Looks cool with the Late Swiss troops marching out.

Generic camp for Horse & Musket armies.

Roman Marching Camp, tent from Baueda.

Teutonics, the brotherhood burning 2 pagans, the
tent is resin.

Arab camp, tents from Essex Minis.

Baueda Log Stockade, very nice.

Baueda Late Roman Fort.

Ruined Castle - another Pet Shop acquisition!!

Classical Indian Deity- one of my favourites.
A small Indian statue in a sea of Games Workshop
Jungle plants.

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