Friday, 15 February 2008

DBA IV/13(a) Medieval German 1106-1235AD

Our interpretation of the Medieval German Army, list (a). This covers the very early years so we have included a lot of 'Early' Medieval looking types. It is quite a varied list with lots of different troop types. The 'enemies' list for this army is quite impressive. Mind you if you have ever played the classic Medieval Total War PC game by Activision then you know how tough the Germans had it.

The figures are a mixture of all sorts. A lot we got as basic paint jobs, we spruced them up, then brushed on 'Miracle Dip'. We're very happy with the finished army. Flags & Banners are from all over, that Black Eagle on the Yellow background makes a big difference.

IV/13 Medieval German (a) 1106-1235AD
1x3Kn(Gen), 4x3Kn//4Bd, 1x4Cb, 2x4Sp, 2x3Ax or 4Sp or 4Pk, 2x2Ps

The Medieval Germans stood to attention...

German Nobility, Knight & dismounted Blades

Emperor Barbarossa, Knight General with his lads.

Red haired Freddy Barbarossa up close

Formidable German Pike & Spear

German Psiloi

Auxillia & Crossbow


Dalauppror said...

Look very nice. Love all the flags.

mrfarrow2u said...

Cheers Mate! I'll have to build a Scandanavian Army to fight them...