Tuesday, 11 March 2008

BBDBA Early Imp.Rome vs Dacians/Sarmations

Back in 2006, England played in another Football Tournament. So fearing the worst we had a BBDBA game as the match played. Well it was a good thing, as England crashed out again. It is tough being a supporter of the two most 'disappointing' football teams in history, Middlesbrough & England. Oh & don't mention Middlesbroughs latest pathetic performance in the FA Cup, beaten 2-0 at home in the FA Cup Quarter Finals... but GOOD LUCK to Cardiff, we hope you go on to win it.

Anyway this is a DBA Blog so back to the 'REAL' action. Romans & Dacians again. I played the Dacians with Sarmation allies, Jack was the evil Romans.

II/56 Early Imperial Roman 3x3Cv(Gen), 4x3Cv, 1x2Lh, 1x2Ps, 12x4Bd, 12x4Ax, 3xArt


II/52 Dacians 1x4Wb(Gen), 1x3Cav(Gen), 2x2Lh, 12x3Wb, 4x3Bd, 4x2Ps

II/26 Sarmations 1x3Kn(Gen), 11x3Kn

My plan was to have the Sarmations as one Big Fist, crush Jacks Flank then sweep into his centre. The Dacians would just use the terrain & hold the centre. Jack was too over confident & placed his units all over, his cavalry were used in the centre.

Initial Set-up, Dacians on the left, Romans the right.
Jack sports his England shirt for Good Luck.

View from the Dacian lines

Both games are in full swing

Jacks Roman set-up

All the Sarmations (this was before we built our Old Glory Sarmation Army shown earlier)

Jack attacks 'en masse'

RAAAHooooo! or whatever Sarmations cry riding into battle...

Nice match up in the centre, Dacian Blades in the centre, Warband to the right

The Dacian King leads a small force through the woods

Jacks centre, Blades & Cavalry about to crush the Warbands

HO HO HO! It's looking good for the Sarmations

Jack reinforces his left flank

Sarmations again...

The Roman Legate takes cover between some Artillery.

Jack lines up his attack in the centre.

The lines engage in the centre.

The Dacian Blades quickly HACK down the Romans, the way is open!

Jacks Auxillia get 'bogged down' before the swamp (sorry bad pun...),
he could of used these units elsewhere

Ohh, look at that open space!! Jacks General has to take action.

Nice view across the battlefield, the Sarmations find the way is open to the Roman camp.

As expected, the Sarmations are winning the hill.

Jack's looking troubled! He knows the end is near.

It's a stalemate in the centre

He's had enough & so have England in the Footy.

A nice battle, Jack knows were he went wrong. After this game his tactics got better (& mine got worse!). 12 Sarmation Knights ploughing into your line is a toughie!!!

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