Thursday, 13 March 2008

How's it going MrF?

Oh dear, the paints have been out again after a few months on the sidelines. The last time we had this 'urge' (you ALL know what its like...) saw us building hordes of AWI Armies, mostly due to Giles Allisons BRILLIANT Tarletons Quarter Blog

I've been trawling around the blogs & websites lately. Quite frankly the paint jobs out there are getting better & better, so in total envy we're back into 'Building Army' mode. We don't have any fancy set up, all the kit is in trays or boxes & the dining table is the base. So along with some good EBay purchases & plain lead, the armies are coming along nicely.

What's in the pipeline? Wargames Illustrated have just ran a great series on the 30YW, so along with a free download of flags, we've got a Dutch Army. I do fancy a 30YW French Army, complete with D'Artagnons Musketeers, so that's on the go. French Huguenots are not far behind, to go with our existing English Elizabethans. We've also finished some elements to complete our AWI Armies.

Oh and thanks to the fantastic Phils War Cabinet we're just finishing off an Italian Wars Imperial Army with loads of those 'hairy germans in pyjamas', Landsknects. Just need some Artillery for them, I do like Vexillia Ltds Landsknect Artillery & will be buying some when funds allow.

The 'Tools of Creation'....

Dutch Cuirassiers & Dragoons, Huguenots, AWI Cavalry & Infantry

Finished elements & stuff ready for Basing

Now I'm going to have a rant. I was looking through the 'creations' the other day & have you ever had that 'I just don't like the look of them...' urge? Well it was our Sassanid Persians & I'm not happy with our current banners. Yes I know LBM do a flag sheet, but it's for 28mm. (I once spent an eternity at a Games Show Stand measuring up the LBM flagsheet against one of our Sassanid figures. After much 'oooing & aaarring', I still wasn't happy, as it would of meant cutting down the lovely flags. So I left, buying a paintbrush in guilt at taking up so much of the nice traders time..).

I've also seen the free Persian flags on Fanticus, but I've used them elsewhere. I've trawled round Google, looking for Sassanid designs, but found very little. SO... if anyone out there has some cool designs & wouldn't mind sharing them, then please please please leave a comment on our blog with a link or something.

I'm due to start a 7 day shift pattern at work, so new posts may be thin on the ground.
Cheers MrF


Anonymous said...

Hi MrF. Thanks for the kind comments about the Landsknecht artillery. They are even better than the photos: lovely work. Hope you have the funds soon.

mrfarrow2u said...

Thanks for the post!
Yes, your Landsknechts are very good, payday is fast approaching so I'll be back in touch :o)