Friday, 25 January 2008

DBA III/69 Tuareg

Ah..smell those Tuareg campfires!
An enemy for the Fanatic Berbers, but a real tough nut to crack.
The Tuaregs are very heavy on the Camels. In the Desert
environment they treat Dunes & Oasis rough terrain as good going.

1000AD - 1075AD
1x3Cm(Gen), 8x3Cm, 1x2/3Cm, 2x3Wb or 3Cm or 2Ps or 3Ax

Psiloi elements & the Warband double as Auxiliary


Anonymous said...

Those are nice figures. Are they 15mm Essex?

MrFarrow2U said...

Yes mate, I believe they are. I Like your blog. what do you think of DBA3.0? We have yet to play it.

MrF & Gang

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. If only I had more time away from real life to keep my blog up to date! I enjoyed playing the first draft of DBA 3.0 on a 30 inch board but I haven't played much since. I'm trying to distract myself and forget as much as possible, so when it comes out it will be like a new game that I can accept the odd eccentricity in, just as we all did with previous editions.